Service Disclaimer

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Please note that guaranteeing any result for a client is not legal in the credit repair world. We operate our business honestly, ethically, and 100% by the Credit Repair Organizations Act (CROA). Any credit repair company that offers you a quick fix or guarantees you results is in violation and we would prefer to lose a sale than operate that way.

We will tell you about past results so that you know what we have accomplished for prior clients and we can tell you what laws and methods we will use in order to get you the best results, but we will never say that it will 100% be effective. What we look for in order to remove negatives from your report are errors in the reporting that warrant removal from the report. If an item is 100% accurate then it can stay in the report. In some cases, we will refer your case to an attorney that specializes in credit report violations. This will be discussed with you prior to sharing your information. In most cases no fees will be out of pocket for the client. In those cases, the fees for their services are generally deducted from a lawsuit if one becomes necessary. The attorney assigned to your case will review all the guidelines with you.

Our registration fee includes your client portal set up, full credit report audit, ways to start building credit while your file is being repaired, and for our “Premium Full Service” package an estimate of potential cost for service. Our fees for all plans are only charged after services or results are performed and/or achieved. What this means to you: we will never charge you up front for services not done. If anyone is charging you up front for credit repair service, then they are in violation of the CROA.

Service Charges: We charge on what’s referred to as a “Pay per Delete” (PPD) model. This means that you will be charged for actual deletions and corrections. If there are none then you will not be charged. This does not apply to the “DIY” or “Get Mortgage Ready” packages. Fees for the PPD are per bureau and as follows:

$100 Public Records (Bankruptcy, Repo, Foreclosure, Child Support)

$25 Collections

$25 Charge Offs

$25 Uncategorized Negatives

$15 Late Payments

$10 Inquiries

Our “DIY” package is a monthly service charge of $29 billed monthly on the day you signed up.

Our “Get Mortgage Ready” package is billed over a 6-month period starting with the registration fee. First payment is the $99 then $100 monthly charge for 5 months. Should you become mortgage ready prior to the 6-month mark, we will waive all remaining payments. This package is only suitable for a client that was turned down for a mortgage in the last 90 days and does not need our “Premium Full Service” package. This package is more for the client that needs counseling more than repair. Before determining if you qualify for this package, we will review your credit report in full as well as reach out to the lender to facilitate the necessary requirements and goals for completion of your goals.

Credit Monitoring: We require 3 bureau credit monitoring in order to achieve your goals. When clients choose not to keep their monitoring service it makes it extremely difficult for us to help them achieve their goals. We would be remiss in not telling you this. Credit bureaus are required to respond to you as the client by mail. In a perfect world you would get responses in a timely manner from all entities involved in credit repair but because mail gets lost or the bureaus / creditors often ignore correspondence from people this is the only way to guarantee our commitment to you. We do not work with any of the free credit monitoring sites that are currently available for a couple of reasons; 1) the majority of them only cover 2 out of the 3 bureaus and we refuse to only do 2/3 of a job for our clients and 2) they do not nearly offer the depth of information that a paid 3 bureau service offers. We do have a preferred service provider. The amount of information they offer is extremely thorough compared to the others out there and this allows us to better serve you in an efficient and effective manner.

Public Records Disclaimer: Removal from the credit report is simply that. If an entity wanted to look up a court record that was truly yours it will still be there. We do not remove public records from anything other than credit reporting bureaus. This can and often includes third party information sellers as well.